Red chilli sabut

Our organic red chilli sabut is sourced directly from the farms to make sure that you receive the best quality spices. The sabut red chilli has adds lip smacking flavour to your food when used for tempering in various dishes. It is spicy and has a beautiful colour to it.

Red chilli powder

Red chilli powder from Heroxi is specially ground choosing the best of sabut chillies that are organically grown. We make sure the nutrition of our spices is retained and take care of the hygiene essentials when grinding and storing the red chilli powder. It can be bought from across 1 lakh shops in our country.

Haldi sabut

Our sabut haldi is sourced from organic farms so that we can make offer quality products that benefit your health. We practice stringent quality check and pack our products in high quality double layer packing. You can buy sabut haldi and grind it at home as well.

Haldi powder

Apart from sabut haldi, we also offer haldi powder which not only adds beautiful colour to your food but also offers a distinct flavour. We choose best organic sabut haldi for grinding it into a fine powder. We take special care of the packaging and quality check and also store the products in cold storage.

Dhaniya sabut

Our range of spices consists of sabut dhaniya which is freshly sourced from farms every season. The dhaniya is processed, cleaned, and stored appropriately followed by quality check and packaging. Sabut dhaniya can be used in various dishes as it adds raw and unique flavour to your recipes.

Jeera powder

Our finely ground jeera powder not only has a unique flavour but also a pleasant smell. Whether it is vegetables or chhas, the jeera powder will add amazing flavour to your food and drinks. Simply store the powder in a cool dry place and you are good to go.

Jeera sabut

Sabut jeera is a quintessential part of Indian kitchens. It adds unique taste to so many Indian recipes. Our sabut jeera is fresh and sourced directly from farms. We make sure to offer organic and high-quality spices, which can be bought from more than 1 lakh shops in the country.

Garam masala

Our garam masala is high on flavours and has alluring aroma. It is made from a blend of various raw spices. Garam masala is an essential part of North Indian kitchens as most curries are incomplete without its goodness. Just sprinkle in a small quantity and it works magic on the dish.

Meat masala

If you are a meat lover, our meat masala is a must have in your kitchen. The meat masala is a blend of various aromatic and flavourful spices that add lip smacking taste to your meat gravy. Just add 20 grams of meat masala and relish on a delicious meal.

Chicken masala

Chicken masala is an important element of your chicken recipe. It adds amazing flavour to your home-made chicken. The chicken masala is a blend of coriander seeds, ginger, garlic, red chillies, turmeric, cumin, black pepper, nutmeg, cloves, and many more spices. Just add 15 grams of chicken masala and you are good to go.

Degi mirch powder

Degi mirch is a special chilli powder that is blended from special varieties of Indian red chillies. Degi mirch is known for its beautiful red colour. It is mildly spicy but adds amazing colour to the Indian Vegetarian and non-vegetarian gravies. You can add 1-2 teaspoon as per your taste preferences.

Kitchen masala

The kitchen masala is the king of spices. It is a versatile masala which can be used in almost all recipes and curries. It is made from a blend of various spices such as coriander seeds, red chillies, turmeric, black pepper, dried ginger, fennel seeds, garlic, cardamom, cloves, asafoetida, and many more.

Black salt

Black salt is one of the top sprinklers used in Indian households. It adds flavour to many recipes and drinks such as chhas. Some people consider it as a healthy substitute to the regular salt while others add it with white salt for adding extra zing to salads, soups, raitas.

Black pepper

Black pepper is used in many dishes and curries for adding amazing flavour. It can make even simple salad or raita delicious with its flavour. It is a favourite seasoning in Indian kitchens. Our black peppers are sourced fresh from farms and made available to your kitchen.

Kasturi methi

Kasuri methi is a favourite of Indian kitchens as it is added in several curries. It not only adds amazing flavour to the recipe but also gives pleasant aroma. You can also crush and roast it before adding them to the subzis for enhancing aroma and flavour.

Methi dana

Methi dana is used for tempering in various recipes. It is also revered for its amazing health benefits. Our methi dana is sourced organically and made available to your kitchen. You can buy our high quality and flavourful methi dana from more than 1 lakh shops in the country.

Rai dana

If you love mustard tempering in your food, our rai dana is organically sourced from farms and made available to your kitchen. The rai dana offers amazing flavour to the food. Whether it is tempering in curries, subzis, or khaman, dhokla, rai dana enhances the taste.

Long sabut

Sabut long has strong taste, aroma, and flavour which is why it is used in various curries and meat preparation. Some people use sabut long for making soups and pickles as well. Our sabut long is fresh and packed in quality double layer packing. If stored in a cool dry place, our spices can last for long.

Ilaichi sabut

Sabut ilaichi is used by people in Indian households for enhancing flavour of various curries. They put it sabut or grind them with other spices for great taste. Sabut ilaichi is also used by many people in teas and various sweets as well. Our sabut ilaichi is fresh and can be preserved for a long time.

Ilaichi powder

If you want to save yourself from the hassle of grinding the ilaichi, our ilaichi powder is a saviour. The ilaichi powder is made from selected sabut ilaichi danas grown organically. You can enhance the flavour of various curries, tea, and sweets by adding our elaichi powder.