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Red chilli sabut

Our organic red chilli sabut is sourced directly from the farms to make sure that you receive the best quality spices. The sabut red chilli has adds lip smacking flavour to your food when used for tempering in various dishes. It is spicy and has a beautiful colour to it.

Red chilli powder

Red chilli powder from Heroxi is specially ground choosing the best of sabut chillies that are organically grown. We make sure the nutrition of our spices is retained and take care of the hygiene essentials when grinding and storing the red chilli powder. It can be bought from across 1 lakh shops in our country.

Haldi sabut

Our sabut haldi is sourced from organic farms so that we can make offer quality products that benefit your health. We practice stringent quality check and pack our products in high quality double layer packing. You can buy sabut haldi and grind it at home as well.

Haldi powder

Apart from sabut haldi, we also offer haldi powder which not only adds beautiful colour to your food but also offers a distinct flavour. We choose best organic sabut haldi for grinding it into a fine powder. We take special care of the packaging and quality check and also store the products in cold storage.